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Mega Trading Ltd. is a Joint Venture with world's No.1 Security surveillanceproduct manufacturer Hangzou Hikvision Digital Technology Bangladesh.

We are pioneers in introducing latest technology in police investigation trade and therefore the leading organizations of the trade in Asian nation. Unicode Technology has been promoted by extremely qualified technocrats with wealthy expertise in police investigation and security trade. With commitment to produce top quality and reliable merchandise with glorious unmatched technical support, Unicode Technology Pvt Ltd. serves to an outsized loyal network of dealers and system integrators all across Asian nation. we have a tendency to believe that quality merchandise and services can cause terribly high levels of client satisfaction, retention and acquisition.

Hikvision Digital Technology Co. Ltd is the world's driving providers of video reconnaissance items and arrangements. Set up in 2001, Hikvision has developed from a little organization of just 28 representatives, into a worldwide undertaking with in excess of 5,000 workers, including 1,400 R&D engineers. With the biggest R&D group in the business and the capacity for consistent advancement,

Hikvision offers merchandise as well as hybrid DVRs, NVRs, standalone DVRs, digital video servers, compression cards, high-definition information science cameras, and speed domes. These merchandise ar utilized in quite a hundred countries and are wont to secure numerous security applications round the world. For a lot of info please visit Hikvision's web site